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  1. Books published:  I've published 18 books in several series including the: Lucy Guardino FBI Thrillers, Shadow Ops, Angels of Mercy, Hart and Drake Thrillers, Caitlyn Tierney FBI Thrillers, and several standalones. You can find all my books here: http://cjlyons.net/books 
  2. Book your childhood: One of my favorite childhood books that I still re-read today (on Halloween, of course!) is Ray Bradbury's Something Wicked This Way Comes…never fails to spook me!
  3. Book now:  I just finished reading Jackie Morse Kessler's Riders of the Apopcylyst series and was awe-struck by her world building.
  4. The movie that you like: I'm a huge movie buff and it's so hard to pick just one…how about one director? I love anything Frank Capra has done. My favorite of his is Mr. Smith Goes to Washington.
  5. Favorite music:  I love head-banging rock 'n roll: Metallica, Mudvayne, Slip Knot…
  6. Favorite sport or maybe you do not like: I love American football, my favorite team is the Pittsburgh Steelers
  7. City, area, beach or mountain:  I grew up in the mountains and now live at the beach—love them both
  8. Color you like: My favorite color is rich, dark, eggplant purple
  9. A place to live: I live near the beach now and love it.
  10. A place where you would like to live that you have not been: Wow, this is tough since I have so many places that I want to visit! I have a friend who lived in Provence and he said it was gorgeous, so I guess that's top of my list (but it could change at any time!)

     Como os habia prometido, aqui os he traido el Cuestionario en Ingles de la autora C. J. Lyons, ya sabeis que aqui reseñamos los libros Perdidos entre sombras y Persiguiendo sombras , y en septiembre os traeremos la traducción del cuestionario para los que no sepan inglés.

     Thanks to C.J. Lyons for answering our questionnaire Anescris, and hopefully soon we can get more books you have posted, greetings from Spain.

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